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This reminds me of the traveling salesman problem, but is nothing like that.

Use each pair of teleports while traveling from one dot to the other, but while traveling conventionally, don’t cross any black lines or your own path.

don't cross your own path

don’t cross your own path



I started this maze while on the train with Lin to Paola and Jon’s house. Start at one of the small dots and travel to the other dot, using teleportation points as needed.

travel from small dot to small dot using teleportation symbols

travel from small dot to small dot using teleportation symbols


For my friend Sabina, who suggested making a maze with teleportation points.

Travel along white paths between the large circular shapes on the left.  Arrival at an endpoint allows teleporting to any other same-colored endpoint.

from one big circle to the other, using teleports as necessary


This maze features perhaps three distinct puzzles, each of which start at a black disc and end at the other.

Easy: use teleportation stations (jump to any other identical symbol) using only black noodles.

Not as easy: use red or blue noodles as well, but not both.

Harder: use teleportation stations in all three colors of noodles.

use teleportation stations to get from one black disc to the other


My friend Michael John Grist suggested a maze with teleportation sites.   That sounded pretty fun to me, so here is my first version.   Start at either of the large black dots and make your way to the other.  The paths cross under and over each other.  colored circles are teleportation stations.  Jump to any other same-colored circle.

The maze is pretty easy that way, so I arranged it so we can use all the teleportation stations exactly once (either coming or going) and still solve the maze.

use each teleportation station exactly once to get from one black dot to the other